b Amsterdam 1955 - Self-taught

From childhood on, always drawn to and practicing and studing techniques. Thereby drawing and painting from observation and imagination. Also worked on commission for acquaintances and others. Sold human and animal portraits.

1961-1968 - Baron van Heemstra School - Amsterdam buitenveldert

Ceramics course - Private person - Amsterdam buitenveldert

Large pen drawing - prize Illustrations etc.

Doing so I was strongly stimulated develove my artistic skills

At age 17, I opted for a socio-educational academy instead of the Rietveld Academy. Despite an extensive career test that pointed art direction, I wanted first of all to help other people develop their talents and encouraging them to develop their creativity. ----

During that time I limited myself to making small illustrations and cartoons in pen and ink.

1975-1978 Jelburg - Baarn 50% musically / ludische studies

Main Direction handicrafts: div. materials and techniques; plane and spatial

Working period

1978 -1981 Social Services MDU - Illustrating staff magazine

1982-1985 - Training. Creative Crafts -VOBK

± 1983 Paradiso - art with ceramics


- Assignment union pendrawings

- Various assignments individuals

- Pendrawings

± 1984 - 1988 Giving course: "Sketch your Imagination" to adults.

26 year life shared with an artist and been involved in art, art fairs and exhibitions and art library. Various techniques, painting, drawing, sculpting and working with graphic programs on PC

Several study's workshops and courses.

Study astrology and counseling given in private practice.

Stories written to illustrate birth charts and / or drawings.

Study psychosocial work done.

After my divorce until now working in this area. And integrate whenever possible in my work creative / visual means.

Between work and studies by various drawings and paintings and ceramics.

1999 challenged to continue my life in a new way.

After my divorce in 2000 I reveield my creative source again and In Sweden in Malmo was a real turning point when I was with tree close friends. Resulting to commit myself to painting in 2003 and develope independently my own way of working in that area.

I felt the awareness of my own motivation, the tool of painting to express my feeling it gave me a sense of space to depict impressions.

So this started again, who knows where it takes me.

For exhibitions see the relevant page

And here on this site, my results from the restart in Sweden painting.

In autumn 2010 the course "Show your colours" (Kom uit de verf) started in a small space in a gallery

Courses continued in my own studio since January 2010

Workshop "Show your colours" on request at location of choice

As of January 1, 2010 I continued studio in "AmbachtAteliers" ("Craft Studio's") de Bilt

Actively findinng art activities through networking and social media in various art activities in the country.

    As "Kunst natuurlijk" in Arcen - au plein air painting
    Art event around van Gogh Zundert - au plein air painting
    Pinter rapido in Amsterdam - Au plein air painting
    Participation in the Regional and National Art Days
    Activities in the art circle BeeKk in Bilt ea
        Art routes
        Joint exhibitions

Fuller CV see linkedin